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Posted by Ludivina on January 13, 2011 at 4:55 PM

Councilor’s report for the ACS Fall National Meeting 2010


The Council of the American Chemical Society met in Boston on August 25, 2010. The following report includes a summary of items which most directly affect the South Texas Section and its members.

The two candidates for President-Elect, who will be on the ballots sent to all members in this fall’s elections, are Luis A. Echegoyen, Professor, University of Texas at El Paso, and Bassam Z. Shakhashiri, Professor, University of Wisconsin. Members are encouraged to read the information which the candidates will provide and to vote accordingly.

The Council voted to allow alternative methods for recorded votes. The current constitution and by-laws require paper ballots for recorded votes (votes in which the vote of each councilor is recorded and reported); the amendment will allow for other recordable methods, such as the use of electronic “clickers”. The amendment still has to be approved by the Board of Directors before it goes into effect, but it would be a huge surprise if they vote it down.

In a related matter, our local section needs to examine our constitution and by-laws to ensure that our election policies are consistent with the national rules. While we don’t have to allow electronic voting, we would probably have to amend our local section rules to allow it. In addition, it has probably been 20 or more years since the South Texas Section constitution and by-laws were last updated. Something for the Executive Committee to consider for 2011 is to begin the process of revising our guiding documents.

There was a lot of discussion on a proposal to move the Council meeting to Tuesday morning. The main advantages given were that Councilors could go home a day earlier, so there could be less cost to the local section and the Councilor would miss less work. The greatest concern is that the governance activities (mainly meetings) which take place starting the Friday before would have to complete their work a day earlier. This might mean that committee schedules would simply move to starting on Thursday, which would result in no net time savings for Councilors who are involved in governance (which is almost all of the Councilors).

Two items which were on the original agenda were withdrawn before the meeting. One involved reimbursement of expenses for members of scientific societies outside of the U.S. which are associated with ACS to come to the national meetings. Currently, local sections and divisions get some reimbursement for expenses to send their Councilors to the nation meeting. The overseas organizations do not have Councilors, so are not currently included. The second withdrawn item involved formalizing the practice of alternating the ACS presidency between academic and industrial members. This would mean that even petition candidates would have to follow the restriction of academicians as candidates for President-Elect in even years and industrial members as candidates in odd years. Both items continue under consideration and will likely be presented to the Council at a future meeting.

The next national meeting will be March 27th to 31st in Anaheim. Check the ACS website and C&E News for further information.


Thomas R. Hays

Councilor, South Texas Section


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